TECNO HiOS 7 Unveiled With Refreshed Design, Features


    TECNO HiOS 7 Unveiled With Refreshed Design

    Smartphone maker TECNO has announced its new HiOS 7 operating system in a first-of-its-kind art exhibition online global launch event held in Lagos last week. TECNO unveiled HiOS’ Revolutionary Outstanding Visual Experience concept as well as a series of tech solutions and fresh features, to deliver an effortless, user-centred experience.
    TECNO HiOS 7

    Speaking of the launch, TECNO HiOS Marketing Director, Olumide Aduloju said: “Right from the inception of HiOS, we’ve worked day and night to design apps and features that will meet the very need of our users. We’re thrilled to bring HiOS 7 to our customers. We are continuously improving not only our devices but also our operating system. HiOS 7 will provide users with beautiful visuals and a faster and smoother experience when using our smartphones. The update not only reimagines the system design but also enhances the audiovisual and gaming experience for users.”
    Revolutionary Design For Outstanding Visual Experience

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    With Revolutionary Design, HiOS 7 has adopted minimalism and smart circle visual approach that both beautifies as well as simplifies the user interface, ensuring optimal visual tension is delivered to users. All elements such as lines, shapes, colours, white space, composition are effectively organized, leaving no room for redundant over-modification, nor a crude original design. HiOS took inspiration from New Zealand’s remarkable turquoise coloured lake, Lake Tekapo (most Instagrammed location on earth), well known for its intense picturesque milky-turquoise colour from the fine rock-flour (ground by glaciers) which is suspended in the water. By adopting the monochromatic Tekapo blue, supplemented by a specific simple colour scheme, HiOS 7 is dazzling yet cohesive, ensuring users are not easily distracted.

    Exclusively Localized Elements

    HiOS 7 opens up lively interactive animated characters. The new African-featured based on local African characters, scenes, and These illustrations are now joined by a futuristic sense of technology, the localization and compatibility of HiOS 7 merge flexibility with fashion and imagination with personalization. The flexible and imaginative illustrations make HiOS 7 more relatable and provide a visual identity for users. The characters can be seen in the different application screens. Apart from the localized elements, HiOS 7 has a more comfortable layout. the Blanks are intentionally offered for a clear vision; Thumb-friendly layout keeps users focus from drifting; Content presentation gets tailored for the better reading experience.
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    Faster than ever before

    Driven by its Smart Engine, HiOS 7 ensures a smooth and fast experience by optimizing response time and frame rates that users can feel through drastically reduced loading times for webpages and online mobile games. The system is 35% faster while RAM utilization has also been boosted. In addition, an intelligent notifications system helps users to deal with schedules more efficiently. Multi-windows permit users to work and have entertainment at the same time, while AI Gallery allows users to compress heavy files making it easier to quickly share pictures or videos to social platforms, and One-hand Mode becomes more touchable simply by moving operation space to the downside.
    Intelligently facilitate quality life
    photo compressor

    HiOS 7 comes with a complement of Android 10 features like dark mode, full-screen navigation gestures and privacy enhancements, it’s also packed with an arsenal of exclusive and intelligent HiOS features. One of these is the Smart Scanner, an intelligent tool that can scan any document, translate local language into more familiar ones, top-up airtime, check drugs for authenticity, add new contacts, share wifi and all other scenarios the user can or can’t imagine. Apart from this, HiOS 7 lets users answer an incoming call automatically by placing the phone near the ear with the Auto Ear Pickup. Gesture Flashlight let users light their torch at any time simply by drawing a designated letter on their screen.
    EAR PICKERstories.

    The innovative Social Turbo delivers exciting multi-features for both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business such as flashlight call, DIY Emoji, and Peek Mode without the need to download third-party apps or root phones. Users can also read messages without alerting the other party and make custom stickers and meme to share with friends for their enjoyment.
    *TECNO’s most revolutionary update to date, HiOS 7 will make its debut on the Camon 16 series models. Starting from September 3rd, users will be able to experience the new version.

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