Be The BOSS Take Control of your Smartphone


    Be The BOSS Take Control of your Smartphone

    While we always endeavour to meet up with our target at work and our businesses, we try as much as possible to get rid of distractions and obstacles which might slow us down. One of the major distractions we can get is our phones and in light of this. Phone companies like Infinix have taken a lot into consideration to make sure our phones are our assets rather than a distraction to us. One of the actions they have put in place is the “Increasing Ringtone” function.

    xclub incresaing incoming ringtone

    What is the “Increasing Ringtone” Feature?
    This is an XOS feature which enables us to totally concentrate on our daily activity and use our phones at the same time. As the name says, the increasing ringtone function gradually starts to play our ringtone in an ascending manner when we get a call. This way, if we are to be in an important “Do not disturb” meeting, we get to see our calls with been distracted by the ringtone.

    How It Works

    The trick behind this is that it starts playing in a very low tone and gradually increases in volume, so that eventually even we get to see and hear our calls and maybe mute or reject the call. Now we need to understand that not everyone wants to use this function at any time. Reason being that we dive in and out of being busy and being free.

    As stated, this function best fits for those we find themselves in a busy period like in the office, during times when we are preparing for exams or at the church. It actually comes in very handy in a place of worship because instead of switching off our phones or putting it on flight mode, we just enable the increasing ringtone function so that we don’t miss important calls. Therefore, we don’t easily get distracted.


    As most of us know, our phones have become a major part of our daily lives The kind of phones we use and the way we use them will determine the productivity we have as a person. If one was to be using a phone that is totally not designed to promote productivity, it will be certain that this person might not be a productive fellow but if one were to be using a phone which its manufacturers have taken a lot into consideration in regards to productivity, it is certain that this fellow will be a productive person so the kind of phone we use contribute to the impact we make. Therefore, picking a choice of a phone should matter to you.
    #The increasing ringtone function might be arguably one of the most underrated functions a phone can have because it has proven to be a very useful and productivity-driven function. I would for one want to own a phone that has this function and I know a lot of folks out there will too.

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    How do I activate increasing incoming ringtone?
    The steps in activating increasing incoming ringtone are simple, all you have to do is to locate your ‘’Setting> Sound>Increasing incoming ringtone’’ and toggle on the activation bar in front of it and its all do.

    Be the boss always taking control of all activities with no distraction of any kind, not even your smartphone with XOS.Looks like you have blocked notifications!

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