Short video: output sparkle footage clips in 15 seconds.

Have you ever tried to shoot a short video that can grab attention and give a quick and to-the-point idea of what you want to convey?

A new trend with the growing digital age and that is creating short videos. Yes! You’ve heard right. It is time to change to a trendy life with XOS exclusive features “more vivid, more delightful”, 3rd party apps don’t give you the quality videos you want, always something is missing.

For example, the animation effect maybe doesn’t match with our face 100% which makes the video look weird or low-quality issue which considers one of the problems you may face, but what if you can capture all pretty moments using your Camera app without any needs for 3rd parties?

Make sparkle videos with effects and animation. Short video in the Camera app makes it easy to go nuts with many real-life footage clips and gorgeous animations. Create content in 15 seconds by customizing engaging videos, promo videos, video tutorials.

Android 10: Everything you need to know!

Short video magical tools take your video to sky heights. Pick a template from a growing list of professionally made video templates and modify Video speed “.5x, 1x, 2x “ to meet your needs, short video feature lets you build your video the way you like it by selecting effect level, you have 7 effect levels.

In a flash, Create your perfect video from a selection of surefire animation templates you have inside the camera app. Everything you make is yours to keep forever to share it everywhere.

Enhance your experience with funky & trendy videos for Instagram Reels, Instagram stories, Tiktok, Facebook, flexible to share with a restricted audience, or publish it on any video platform or your social network.

On the other hand, Creating funny stuff with stunning videos make your social media experience much better, shoot short videos about your daily activities pretty awesome without any need for 3rd parties.

This feature is exclusive in XOS 6.0 and above.

Now, that you know how a short video can be helpful for your social experience, which kind of video do you prefer to make with a short video feature? Tell us in the comment section!

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