Vidhance Feature: A Powerful Video Stabilization!

Vidhance Feature: A Powerful Video Stabilization!

Did you try to shoot a video in an unstable environment before?

Imagine that you are at a music concert, you jump & dance. At the same time, you want to save some beautiful videos for that incredible moment and also for your favourite artist who performs, but every time the video has been unclear while shooting. How to solve it?

You need a more stable image even if you moved a lot while shooting, shaky images make the video quality not good and freaky weird, am I right? So here is the solution!
shoot mode
Smooth, Sharp, and Stable

To shoot the video with high quality and stability with your Infinix device, It likely featured Vidhance Video Stabilization with Active OIS works by combining the optical image stabilization (OIS) with the electronic image stabilization (EIS) to reduce the unwanted motion blur resulting from sudden movements and shakes.

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However, capable of shooting amazing videos with great stability even in low-light conditions. Vidhance Dynamic Blur Reduction helps minimize the motion blur caused by low shutter speed and abrupt movements.

That’s how it is to capture video with your Infinix smartphone. You can notice the improvement in Noise and blur reduction, stabilization, and lens distortion corrections which will increase video quality.

Vidhance Capture video without shaky images

While travelling I use to shoot some videos for the beautiful places I visit, I keep my camera on to shoot everything even during riding a car or walking. We all know that quick movements create blurry videos that are a common hassle. I solved this problem with the Vidhance Dynamic Motion Blur Reduction (VDMBR) which minimizes the effect of motion blur of based on the knowledge gained from performing the stabilization and hence take into account the movement and lighting in the scenario.

Those aren’t the only distinctions you’ll notice between the ordinary shooting video and shooting video with Vidhance. Also, It aims to keep the image quality high, while reducing the amount of motion blur, by combining image information from multiple photos captured in quick succession. Vidhance stabilization does an incredible job stabilizing video from the rear camera.

When was the last time you shoot a video using Vidhance feature? Tell us in the comment section.

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