HiOS 7 Auto Ear Pickup: A simpler way to answer calls without stress


    HiOS 7 Auto Ear Pickup: A simpler way to answer calls without stress

    We have seen it in old movies how HiOS 7 Auto Ear Pickup? haven’t we, how easy it used to be to answer the phone? Okay, some of you don’t, so here’s a refresher: The phone rang. You picked it up. You spoke into it. No extra touch. Oh the magic of yesteryear!


    Today, TECNO smartphones users get some of that magic back, because the latest TECNO HiOS Operating System, HiOS 7 is imbued with a black technology feature called Auto Ear Pickup that let you quickly answer calls on your TECNO smartphone by simply bringing the phone near to your ear when an incoming call comes in. Superbright?

    Here’s more about it.

    Just recently, TECNO released the Camon 16 and Spark 6 series, giving fans more taste of its HiOS 7 operating system with its advance features.

    During the teardown, users found a range of efficient features that helps to get things done quicker and with less stress, including Auto Ear Pickup for incoming calls.

    This creative and simple way to receive calls without touching your phone comes in handy when it is important to accept the call even when it is not very convenient. You don’t have to swipe or click the answering button or any other button to pick up your call. As we all know, in this part of the world, there are different situations in which you might be unable or unwilling to touch your phone screen either to avoid a mess being made on the screen or to protect it from being damaged.

    Imagine this scenario:

    It had just rained and you are on your way to an important meeting with your boss. Along the way, your car develops a flat tire. But that is not a problem, you always move around with a spare. You begin the process of changing tires so you can meet up with the appointment. Just then, your boss’ call comes in to check up on you, just as you pull out the flat tire. Your hands are filled with mud and dirt, but you must answer his call. What would you do?

    This is where HiOS 7 Auto Ear Pickup provides an almost magical solution, How it works

    Once you activate the Auto Ear Pick up, you would be able to pick up a call by just lifting the phone and placing it close to your ear. So, no more moving your messy hands over the screen of your phone. Just place the phone close to the ear and the call would be automatically answered.

    To answer a ringing TECNO Camon 16 or Spark 6 smartphone, you can simply fish it out of your pocket and raise it to your ear, the call is answered automatically, and you can start talking. Guess what, this is not the end of the magic of HiOS 7. If you wish to mute the ringer, you can take a quick look at the screen, then you can do a Flip Mute. All you need to do in this case to silence the call is to place the phone face down. Problem solved!

    This is a set of features on the HiOS 7 that solves the pain point of the everyday smartphone user. Plus, the Auto Ear Pickup has the distinction of being easier to perform than hunting and pecking for the right button on the screen.


    The handy feature is disabled by default so you will have to enable it from Settings
    Then go into Smart Assistant
    Tap on Micro Intelligence
    Then enable the Raise to Ear option.


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