[Feature] Leap Ahead with XOS Video Ringtone Feature!

Leap Further Ahead with XOS Video Ringtone Feature!

when was the last time you enjoyed a fantastic video? I think most of us don’t have enough time to watch videos, cause of the fast working life, but with XOS stunning technology you can hit the boring days with a totally new experience, let’s explore XOS Video Ringtone Feature!

During the working day, you need something that frees your mind whatever it’s for a few seconds or more, the main issue here to find a way to be happy and refresh your day, XOS amazing Video Caller ID allows you to set your own customized video videos as incoming caller screen.

If you get bored with the traditional ringtone, now you can enjoy watching videos & decorating your default with a video ringtone instead of a simple ringtone.

Above all, You can set videos specifically assigned for each separate contact to creating individual video ID as their caller ID. Whenever you have an incoming call, you can watch their videos with voice. Totally cool and stunning!

In fact, the moving objects are attractive more than the static objects, XOS Video Ringtone absolutely will attract you even if your phone isn’t in your hand.

What kind of videos do you love? You can decide it regarding your personality, gaming video, challenge, natural, comedy, music, song, dance, or any other sorts of video, all you have to do to choose your favourite video and activate Video ringtone to start the magical part, it is a simple feature but very effective.

It’s a new era of entertainment you can touch on XOS system, you can find a Video ringtone feature in XOS 7.0 and above. the far future is here with Infinix XOS!

let us know your favourite ringtones

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