#BehindXOS Week! Enrich Your Life With Trendy Wallpapers

Enrich Your Life With Trendy Wallpapers: It’s #BehindXOS Week!

You aren’t just super fans to us, we are a family, we always try to bring useful threads for you, this time is for the #Behind XOS event, In this special week, we would like to share all the good things about XOS, products, launcher, and features. follow us on xclub https://www.infinix.club/forum/823/4164871 

on  the topic behindXOS a more interesting edition of XOS this season

A super team of developers is behind XOS, they stand here to customize your smartphone UI and refresh your experience, XOS Launcher team wants to test your feeling, they wait for your comments and suggestions to keep going, they will never stop developing, we are successful together!XOS LAUNCER 00

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Today in this thread we talk about a special topic, Wallpapers are a part of XOS Launcher teamwork, they always track trendy & stylish wallpapers, if you are that person who likes to watch the sky to think, we bring the sky to you on Infinix smartphones, wallpaper lets you live life in colours and fulls your day with joy, it doesn’t only decorate your phone but also transforms it into a colourful place & stunning look.

Wallpaper riches your desktop with a shining visual look, If you are a person who likes to view your smartphone refreshed every day, You should be spending much time in search of wallpapers for your smartphone matching with your interest and likes. Wallpapers do play a major with emotions and lifestyle, and this reflects the same in our phones too.

All you have to do is exploring the wallpapers on your phone, Head to Xtheme and click the wallpaper section,  it has a variety of customization options to make everything look pretty much how you want, like nature, business, cartoon, sport, fashion, life, animal, car, technology, photography & much more.

In the #Behind XOS event, I have captured various wallpapers that are desktop& lock screen worthy and wanted to share with you all.

** So let’s move ahead with my captured collection of Wallpapers **



Join us and invite others to enjoy this beautiful XOS wallpaper experience, https://www.infinix.club/forum/823/4164871If you like any of the wallpapers, then feel free to comment below.

Take a screenshot of the wallpaper you use,  And don’t forget to mention your favourite type of wallpaper

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