Grow Up With XOS: You Are Remarkable Share Your Big Dream with us


    Have you ever dreamt?

    It’s normal. You don’t have to plan. it comes naturally, it just happens. With dreams Your eyes lit up with life, Whatever your dream is, it deserves support from us, at the end of this year, Infinix XOS want you to share your youth dreams, some dreams are common like world peace, healthy earth, but of course, every one of us has his/her own dream.


    Join us at this special event

    Grow up with XOS

    Youth means a lot to Infinix XOS, they are success partners, over the year they shared a lot of stories and moments by photos and comments, we are proud that we had all of these amazing memories, we want to keep going, we grow up together and want you to continue this journey with us till the end.


    Infinix XOS grows up just like you, it fills with hope and expectation, it takes huge steps in the innovation & tech field to introduce a better experience for youth, we help your dream to come true, shaping it for striking future.


    Nothing can stop you. Just dream big and one day your dream will light up, all you need not just state your dream, but also declare it, and here is the opportunity, share with us your big dream.


    I’m very sure privileged young people take steps to live better stories like traveling, being an influencer, successful career path, and so on, XOS use the latest technology and give you the elements to make it easy for you to achieve your dream, we are looking forward to knowing which feature will help you to do so? XOS has a tone of features and still introduces more, XOS empowers youth to follow their dreams.



    It is a well-known fact that you can not achieve a higher level of success in whatever you do without discipline, hard work, and strong push giving your time to it, that is why our best is what is required in everything we do.


    And we owe it to you our great fans for your relentless effort towards making XOS better. Today XOS has a lot of beautiful features which have constantly contributed to the meeting of our needs on daily basis.


    Join us today as we share with you some amazing XOS features which have played a major role in making our daily lives wonderful


    We are in a very Tech era and fun can never be ruled out in our daily lives, before now winning games has always been a measure of your personal skills and how much more you play, but with the introduction of XOS Game Mode, a lot of champions have emerged over time standing undefeated because of the wonderful features.


    Playing game is now on a more expected basis because game mode will allow you to concentrate fully on winning the game before anything else. With features such as do not disturb on incoming call, game floating window to check game guide and replay urgent Whatsapp messages, and a lot more.


    Among other things that are of importance, our Health stands as one of the most important factor to consider as human. So we thought about improving our user’s health. With”X-Health feature” in order to enjoy a more healthy lifestyle.



    X-Health feature is a free medical health care system, provided for users to improve their health. This feature will remind you to take water from time to time and also help to calculate your daily step count encouraging you to do more exercise to live more healthy.


    The use of social media platforms especially WhatsApp is still very much paramount either for work purposes or to meet with friends. The WhatsApp platform is commendable due to its relevant characteristics such as; sending and receiving messages, making/receiving calls.


    So we decided to make an amazing feature called Social Turbo for WhatsApp, this XOS feature allows you to be seen as a super genius on WhatsApp giving you a separate WhatsApp sticker workshop, automatic status saver, and feature that allows you to sneak on chatting without people knowing you’ve read them called peek mode.


    Trading is a key to everyone, it’s either you are making purchase or you are selling something, so what happens when you trade using other currency? Most people will rush down to google for currency conversion.


    Yes, it could be stressful at times, most especially when you have little or less data, so we decided to solve this problem by introducing the Instant USSD feature making you a currency guru so that you can sit on that board meeting and close those deals without getting worried about currencies conversions.


    Among these and more are features we developed not just to make your experiences wonderful but to contribute in making your daily life more exciting.


    Share with us your biggest dream today and we will help you achieve them you can also share some of your exciting contents under this post


    Here is amazing inspirational dream videos made by our fan that we bet will inspire you Click here to watch you can also join us on Facebook on this topic using this link Click


    Don’t forget to tell us in the comment sections which XOS feature exciting you the most in this year 2020 and how it has contributed in your daily life.


    Stay tuned, big surprise waits for you.


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