Smart Way To Win All Games Simply By Activating Just One Move- Message Do Not Disturb Feature


    Playing game is one of the most interesting fun things we do with our mobile devices when we are less busy. And it becomes more interesting when you have that high score challenge to beat especially when you’ve boasted to your friends that you are a no match.

    What do you do? You play with all intensity and focus on winning.

    I know this time, anything that will distract you from the game is an enemy and must be put away at all cost.

    Yes! Getting those interruptions during gaming session by different notifications and calls from people could honestly be annoying.

    We sometimes get poor gaming results due to the distractions of multiple notifications.

    Follow us through today as we show you how to silent all the enemy, that won’t allow you to celebrate victory.

    Smart Way To Win In All Games

    If you are using an Infinix phone, you might have come across this XOS feature on game mode ‘’Message Do not disturb’’. Do not disturb is an XOS feature on game mode. Designed for you to stand unchallengeable while gaming.

    What it does is that when activated on the game you are playing, the game takes total control of what is happening on your gaming screen by blocking all reminder messages and alarms throughout your gaming section.

    One very good thing you can also improve on your gaming is to disallow incoming calls from getting in when you are playing a game. All you have to do is to activate “incoming call reject”on your game assistant panel.

    How Do I Activate Do Not Disturb XOS Feature?

    Activating your smartest move to win every game on Infinix device is very simple all you have to do is to first of all turn on Game Mode from your setting<hit on Game Assistant Panel < and lastly Game Management to activate game mode on the game you want to play<launch the game, a quick game mode set up will come up, now activate ‘’Message Do Not Disturb’’

    If you missed that quick Game Mode set-up it’s all fine; there is another way of activating this XOS game mode feature – all you have to do is to slide right your gaming screen and a smart set up panel will come up. There you can activate or turn on Do Not Disturb Feature.

    Share with us in the comment section, your latest gaming experiences after activating this feature. We can’t wait to see you winning victories.

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