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    Winning a game is always wonderful because it gives this happy feeling when looking at the scores. It’s just like in the Olympic race where everyone is running to get a particular prize.

    And just because you understand racing, and applying your personal skills there you are engaging as the winner.

    That moment, it’s usually not all about the prize anymore, it’s about the numbers of people that challenged you and you still won.

    That satisfaction is endless, same applies to our mobile gaming. There is always this high intensity in mission games because everyone is hunting to kill the opponent to stand victorious or as a champion.

    The concentration ratio is high, as we don’t want to get killed, we get/are careless about our social media most especially, WhatsApp messages. But what will you do when the message is a matter of urgency (from your boss or your loved one)? You just let it pass until you are done? No, we’ve got a way out of that for you.

    Smart Way To Play Games And Still Keep The Fun Rolling On Social Media

    We know how important social media message could be at times when we really want to have some fun during our gaming section and your boss or loved one can just drop an urgent message which requires your attention.

    So what we did is to introduce a feature that will balance your experience in gaming and that of your social media by giving you a game mode feature called ‘’Game Floating Window’’.

    The game floating window allows you to quickly reply Whatsapp messages by floating it over your gaming screen and not just that, during gaming, there could be times when you are cut up on a very difficult level. With the game floating window, you can quickly do a Chrome search for navigation guide and also a quick search for more winning cheats.

    All these are done on your gaming screen without having to minimize your game. Isn’t it exciting? Yes it is.

    How To Activate Game Floating Window On Your Infinix Device

    Activating game floating window is very easy. All you have to do is first of all, turn on Game Mode from your settings<hit on Game assistant panel<Game management to activate game mode on the game you want to play<launch the game.

    Just right on your gaming screen, slide out from your left, a quick assistant panel will come up. On that panel activate Whatsapp Floating Window or Chrome Floating Window by clicking on the icons whenever you need them and you are good to go.

    It’s more fun to know that you can do more during gaming Hit the comment section to share your experience using this feature.

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