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    We all play games at various times either for fun or to make and meet new friends especially on adventures and online games such as Fortnight, Call of duty, AHA Games etc.

    Not to forget the simple games like danger dash, candy crush, temple run to complex ones like mission impossible, call of duty, sniper shoot, and lot more.

    All these games will be very interesting when you keep winning in every round.

    You will agree with me that holding your phone screen at times could be very tiring and confusing most especially on mission games when you have to hold your phone screen for a long time shooting at the opponents, and your opponents might be using more sophisticated PC and phone gamepads.

    Such opponents usually collect all the high scores leaving you to wonder what his winning skills are. Worry no more for we’ve got your back on this.

    The Magic Behind Winning Is Just One Step Away.
    We thought about how to make your gaming section stress free and how you could relax and win all games by introducing ‘’Magic Button Feature’’.

    Magic Button Feature is a feature that relieves you from those stressful periods; without dragging your phone screen, you can now do all the shooting skills using your Volume Button. Isn’t that exciting? Of course yes.

    The good thing about the Magic Button is that it does not only work on mission games alone (I mean those games that involve shooting) it can also work for other games. All you have to do is to choose the function to map it.

    Some persons could still be wondering what misery is behind this XOS magic button? Magic Button is a game assistant key feature, running on Infinix XOS 6.0 and above. Now your volume button is highly utilized during each gaming section when activated.

    How do I activate Magic Button To Win More Games?

    Activating the magic button is very simple since we now have a clue about how it works. But first, it will be good if you are very familiar with game mode on Infinix devices. With this, the Magic Button in-game assistance panel won’t be a problem for you.

    The game mode is a multitasking feature that helps you focus on gaming. To turn on game mode, from the drop-down banner or from your settings, then click on your game assistant to turn it on and lastly click on the game assistant manager and select the game you want to play so that the game mode will be activated on it.

    Then launch your game. The game mode will be automatically activated on that particular game, so all you have to do is to swipe out the game assistant panel, then click on the Magic Button, the + – keys come up, replace the two options provided with any of the gaming icons.

    Automatically your volume button will take the place of that icon chosen, so you don’t have to be dragging your gaming screen to have all the actions you need anymore.

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