TECNO HiOS 5th Anniversary Contest Phase 3.0: The Real Deal


    TECNO HiOS 5th Anniversary Contest Phase 3.0: The Real Deal

    It’s a very beautiful day, and you know beauty comes with Amazing packages and wonderful gifts.

    HiOS 5th Anniversary.1

    Recently, Tecno HiOS became 5 years old and we are celebrating this great achievement by giving out to our fans.
    We organized a 3 (three) phase contest for our users so they will be able to win big gifts and TECNO Camon 16 smartphones.

    Now let us look at the highlight of what we have done with our fans in the last phases and you will be so much amazed to know what we have in store for you
    The FIRST PHASE of this contest entails creative shot and submission of local photos of some highlighted images around our locality.

    We are thrilled by your feedbacks and great engagement.
    Many of our amazing fans won TECNO Camon 16 smartphones and Cash prices.

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    The SECOND PHASE of the contest was so simple and winning guaranteed. Simple to the extent that you just click a button and boom, win up to 5000 Data on your mobile number (A Lucky Draw).

    A lot of users won amazing data gift from this draw that lasted for up to 5 days.
    Yes! We promised the First and Second phase is just not enough and we will do more and give you more.

    So we decided to bring to you the THIRD PHASE. And guess what fans, today is the day for you to get all those amazing gift you’ve long been waiting for .

    You may have probably missed out in the first phase or not lucky enough to win the data gift in the second phase. Do not worry, here comes a chance specially parked for you to win.

    The HiOS 5th anniversary contest PART 3 is finally here.
    Here are the three (3) steps to Participate and get a chance to WIN $500 worth of gift items.
    1. Share with us the name of most games you’ve played in the last 5 years

    2. Open AHA games app and share ONE (1) screenshot of your favorite game detail page.

    Submit the above steps in the comment section here and in AHA Moments (Community)feature.

    You can download the latest AHA Games App Here:

    We cannot wait to announce the lucky winners.

    Come on fans, let the game begin.

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