Experiencing Gaming Interruption: Use Game Management Feature To Achieve Maximum Success.


    Experiencing Gaming Interruption: Use Game Management Feature To Achieve Maximum Success.

    As Technology keeps advancing, we are not relenting as we keep using sophisticated aided assistance to optimize higher power gaming capabilities in mission games with High resources (heavy-duty games)

    Game Management Feature

    Before now, you will agree with me that playing the game is quite challenging when looking at the multiple interruptions that set in from time to time.

    This was solved in just one feature advantage that we made available in XOS called game mode.

    Game Mode is a feature in XOS 6.0 and above that focuses on system resources on games – if enabled.

    Grow Up With XOS: You Are Remarkable Share Your Big Dream with us

    Achieving optimum gaming experience, managing your gaming live and your games themselves require not just your skills but a good knowledge of game management.

    We know that gathering all your skills and resources is never enough in achieving high standard result and satisfaction that comes with the victory in each game you win.
    Therefore, we decided to give you a high level of game optimization called game management.

    Game management helps you set game mode on games you want to play, and you can review game mode set on apps using game management.

    Let us have a rundown of some of the wonderful features you can enjoy when you activate game mode on your gaming apps.

    • Restrict Incoming calls notification to the top of the screen (instead of the full screen) and you can choose to accept or reject the call.
    • Pop-up messages.
    • Off-screen gaming.
    • Change the Wi-Fi state.
    • Magic button.
    • Game Anti-Addiction.
    • Switch SIM data.
    • Game floating window.

    Stay in Game while Answering Calls

    Play More Games With Fun – Activating XOS Game Floating Window

    When playing games on your phone, unsteady graphics, network delays, incoming calls, notifications, and the accidental touching of keys are all common issues that may interrupt and affect your gaming experience.

    Game Mode provides the perfect solution by optimizing the performance, network connection, notification delivery method, and other key settings of your phone so that you’ll always have smooth gaming experience.

    How to access game management: Game management is located in game mode, all you have to do is to first go to your setting or your dropdown banner <game mode <game management

    What is your favourite feature in the Game Mode?

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