TECNO POVA: Improve Your Mobile Gaming Experience With HiOS 7 Tricks


    TECNO POVA: Improve Your Mobile Gaming Experience With These HiOS 7 Tricks

    Mobile devices aren’t just meant to make and receive calls. There are several other uses of Mobile phones. One of which is the ability to have a fun time on the device by playing games/arcades. You will agree with me that it is quite frustrating when your phone starts ringing while you’re playing your favourite game. Of course, any interruptions in your quests can be extremely annoying and very frustrating. Sometimes, one may be tempted to play the games for too long than they may initially desire.

    Therefore, If you are looking to have an impressive, smooth, well managed and lag-free gaming experience, then look no further than the TECNO HiOS 7.0 feature, Game–Mode 2.0 available on TECNO POVA, Camon 16 and Spark 6 smartphones.

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    TECNO POVA is a high speed and smart gaming phone with high graphics powered by TECNO HiOS 7.0. So what’s a gaming phone without gaming tools? Game mode 2.0 boosts gaming efficiency when you play heavy games like PUBG-Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile. That’s not all, the POVA also comes with floating windows for when you need to socialize during gaming, Do not disturb amongst other features, makes the gaming experience smooth.
    Game mode 2.0 offers the following features;

    Game Assistant: Which provides you with various options to ensure smooth game-play. It offers options like the floating windows which allows you to browse the internet and respond to Whatsapp messages without leaving the gaming screen. It also has one key memory clean-up button, call reject, screen record, screenshot and so much more.

    Tecno game assistanceMagic button: This is a feature that allows you to use the volume rockers as the fire button. So when playing adventure games like PUBG and Call of Duty where you have to fire, you can just use any of the rockers to fire your enemies without having to struggle with on-screen controls.

    tecno magic button


    Pop-Up Messages: This feature allows your chat messages to float in the background while playing a game without interrupting. So any time you have a notification, it would just scroll in the background of your game. That way user is able to view and read their messages, even while still immersed in the game. Notifications, chats and so many other pop up that interrupt our gaming experience is what Game Mode has come to solve.

    pup up buttonsGame Data: This is a feature that collects all the gaming data on your phone. It also calculates the time spent on each game. That’s not all, you could also see how much data is spent on games.
    tecno game dataGame Optimization: It’s time to break your favourite game record! With HiOS Game Mode Optimization, you can automatically free up space, boost game and accelerate network while you game. You’ve assured the most enjoyable and unhindered gaming experience!

    Call Optimization: Gamers will definitely fall in love with this feature, the game optimization allows users to answer or reject phone calls without ending/interrupting the game. Users can answer, reject or place calls on loudspeaker while still at the game.

    Parental Control: This feature helps parents restrict game time for kids. This would help parents monitor their children’s gaming habits and can know when it’s time to cut down on gaming time.

    Game overHow to activate the Game Mode 2.0


    1. Notification Panel: swipe down from the top of the phone and select game mode.
    2. Phone Settings: Scroll down and select Game Mode.Note: by default, notifications and SMS pop up and scroll away. Other settings already fixed for the best experience. But, you can customize the setting to sooth your preference.

      For Game lovers, Game mode is a feature you can’t do without if you really want a great experience while gaming.

      Kindly go to the comment section and tell us your view about this great feature.

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    Tecno Pova

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