Behold XOS Thrilling Features Round-Up 2020


    Behold XOS Thrilling Features


    2020 deserves special reflections of its exciting moments despite the many problems most especially the COVID19 pandemic that leads to economic resection.

    However, our fans were just right there not relenting on any physical challenge but with the strong pursuit towards making XOS world a better place; having data always to participate and engage in our events and submitting feedbacks all the way.

    In XOS world, 2020 has really been an awesome year for us all (XOS Team and Our Users). We improved from one generational upgrade to a smarter life upgrade. This only happened because you stood side by side with us.

    Follow Us Today as We Do A Year in Review of XOS Most Exciting Feature of 2020 (XOS 6.0-7.1)

    Smart Scanner Feature: At XOS, we are always solving the problem for our users from time to time as we keep developing exciting features.

    We thought of how to improve user’s interactions with the use of mobile phones, a situation whereby your device helps you achieve a smarter life in all you do.

    So we developed a feature called Smart Scanner in XOS 7.0. Although we had a similar version in XOS 6.0, (which allows you to Scan airtime digital code for Auto top-up, drug scan to check its authenticity) but with XOS 7.0 Smart Scanner, you now have a higher intelligent feature, which is able to translate different languages and turn QR code into understandable languages.

    Video Caller Feature: We know how boring and dull call interface could be when there is no interaction; only repetition of ringtone with same wallpaper.

    Therefore, we developed a feature called Video Caller on XOS 7.0 to ease the frustration on interacting with same ringtone and wallpaper. What the feature does is that it gives you the additional feeling of been able to use videos as ringtone.

    Now you can set your loved one’s video or those very crazy and funny videos to give you the top notch feeling you desire whenever your phone rings.

    Battery Health: Every one uses their phone for one purpose or the other (either a heavy user or an average user). Whichever category you fall under, you are at all point using your phone battery to achieve all your operation.

    We know how important our battery is to us so we decided to introduce a feature on XOS 7.1 (Battery Health) that allows you to know more about your phone battery status. Checking in real-time and help you find solutions that are best for your phone thus, extending your battery life.

    Video Assistant: Constant pop ups that come in when you are watching a movie on your mobile phone with your loved ones or when you are about to show a friend how a particular scene played, is annoying and head aching.

    Video Assistant is a feature on XOS 7.1that gives you a quick smart panel setup in the form of a sidebar with many amazing features such as, access to WhatsApp & Chrome, and high frequently used apps, screenshots, and the option to turn on Do Not Disturb feature for incoming calls and messages.

    Instant Chat: Often at times, we switch between multiple windows just to access a particular window or an App loaded previously and at times trying to switch between these apps, we could make mistakes of exiting a particular window thereby making us start all over.

    Now Instant Chat on XOS 7.1 gives you the ability to multi-task while on other Apps. How it works is, it appears as floating bubbles on your phone screen while on apps, and you can just open it on the floating window or close it to continue with what you were doing previously. It is very easy and efficient, right?

    X-Health: We never talk about XOS without talking about our health. In XOS, your health is very important to us so we decided to incorporate a free medical health care system into our device so that our users will not worry about their health anymore.

    X-Health is a feature on XOS 7.0 that helps you monitor your daily step count by giving you a calculative analysis of your daily steps and encourage you to set a higher workout routine to increase your fitness level, and also remind you to drink water from time to time.

    Quick Charge: You will agree with me that using a mobile phone has always been on the measure of how long you sit by the side of your phone waiting for it to charge, we know how frustrating this could be to all our users.

    We introduced an 18W& 33W flash charge feature, which will considerably lower your charge cycles on XOS v7.0. With this new development, with just 10 minutes charge, you can now enjoy videos of up to 2 hours and with just 60 minutes charge on your phone, you get a 100% full charge giving you a one-week worth of power.

    Currency Calculator: We have all experienced that moment when we had to surf the internet to convert a particular currency from another, and at times getting an accurate converter result will take a lot of time and data.

    So we decided to save you the time of browsing through currencies by introducing XOS Currency Calculator. It is a simple and fast currency converter, providing up-to-date exchange rate information for over 72+ currencies. It has a beautiful interface for quick access and it supports offline use. In addition, you can find it in our XOS 7.0 and above Calculator.

    XClone: Today people use more than one phone just to keep their Online Accounts running so they will not miss out on important messages on social media. While others use multiple accounts to increase the security measure of sneaky intruders.

    The stress of going about with more than one phone could be a burden and also be very risky. That is why we decided to introduce you a feature called XClone.

    XClone is an XOS 7.0 feature, which allows you to clone your social media apps thereby allowing you to run more than one social media account.

    Social Turbo: Whatsapp has become one of the most popular social media app in the world today, As the users keep growing. One’s effectiveness in social interaction most times will determine how long a particular chat can go.
    So we decided to bring you a different fun strategy by giving your sticker bundle a name and add as many stickers as you want, you can just create.  It It’s that simple!

    Now you have a new playground with WhatsApp stickers. Make your own stickers and emotions with whatever pictures and texts you have! Adding new stickers into your bundle is super easy. First, choose the image you want to add, then crop the image using the tip of your finger, when you’re happy with the way it looks just save it.

    Among these and other exciting features we developed XOS 7.0, and we could not have come this far if not for you our great fans.
    Share with us your good wishes for us and your experience thus far on XOS features.

    Thanks for your support and keep following us to keep experiencing exciting new features on XOS.

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