PointPay Crypto Banking with Interest, Cards and Loans

    I guess it’s not a secret that cryptocurrencies are attracting more and more interest from the public. And of course, new players appear on the market, new projects that don’t only create good and high-quality products but can also help you to earn money. So today I want to tell you about the ICO project that became the best in 2020, but despite this, still continues to gain momentum and delight its customers. Okay-okay, I will not intrigue any more, that’s all about PointPay project.


    PointPay Crypto Banking with Interest, Cards, Loans

    PointPay crypto bank is a large cryptocurrency ecosystem, which consists of various launched products: PointPay Bank, Exchange, Wallet, Payment System, Token Sale platform, Crypto School, Native Off-chain Technology for instant payments, and mobile applications for Android and iOS.

    PointPay Payment System

    The first product that you’ll definitely like is PointPay Payment System that allows you to purchase most popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, LTC, etc.) directly from your debit or credit cards for 40 fiat currencies including Nigerian naira with best rates.

    I think it’s hard to surprise someone with a crypto wallet. But if PointPay does something, they do it better than anyone else! With their Crypto Wallet, you can securely store your funds and track price changes in your cryptocurrency portfolio.

    PointPay Exchange

    The next product is PointPay Exchange. Convenient custom trading user interface with market, limit and stop-limit orders for PROs and Quick Exchange option along with helpful video tutorials for beginners. And that is not all! Besides that, PointPay exchange offers you a referral system with a 50% bonus! BTW, I can’t neglect to mention that if you have PXP tokens on your balance, then you will automatically get a discount for trade deals.

    PointPay first Blockchain-Based Bank
    PointPay first Blockchain-Based Bank in the World

    And here goes my favourite part! PointPay has developed the first Blockchain-Based Bank enabling people to open crypto checking and crypto savings accounts and earn daily compound interest on crypto. The interest rates are the highest in the industry! You can earn up to 30% APR with PointPay token (PXP). You probably don’t believe me? Go check it by yourself:)

    PointPay Crypto Loan module

    What about PointPay Crypto Loan module? It enables you to take instant crypto loans under the collateral of your crypto which is so popular in DeFi right now. Unlike DeFi projects, it’s much cheaper (no high gas fees) and faster to use PointPay.

    A few words about PointPay Native Off-chain Technology. PointPay has developed its own native off-chain technology which enables you to send instant transfers to your friends and partners between Bank, Exchange, Wallet, Payment System and mobile crypto banking applications by PointPay.

    PointPay Crypto Banking App
    PointPay Crypto Banking App

    To facilitate your experience with the system even more PointPay has developed PointPay Crypto Banking Applications. You can earn daily interest, make an instant exchange of currencies, buy/sell bitcoin with debit and credit cards within one application created by PointPay. Sounds good, right? But in practice, it is even better!

    The most important thing for PointPay is people. Therefore, the developers put not only their skills but also their hearts into each product that they’ve created. And the product that impressed me personally the most is PointPay Crypto banking School for the World. PointPay supports global crypto and blockchain education. So, they created a step-by-step video guide which helps to start trading and making money in the crypto market for beginners.

    A lot has already been done, but PointPay is preparing even more new features for all of us. In Q1 2021 PointPay will release ‘PointPay me’ function enabling to send instant crypto payments via email to any person in the world. Also, in February 2021 PointPay will release an invoice system enabling PointPay customers to request money.

    The project’s team is very ambitious, they have enormous plans ahead. And most importantly, they have a lot of energy and desire to implement all that was planned. Something great is coming! Make sure you don’t miss it.

    If you are still in doubt, I recommend that you read about PointPay on third-party platforms, where both users and experts leave honest feedback about the project. Trustpilot, ICOholder, ICObench and other websites in good standing proof that the project can be trusted.

    PointPay has its own token, PXP. It enables PointPay customers to reduce trading fees, transfer and withdrawal fees on all cryptocurrencies as well as get discounts for taking loans and get access to premium video tutorials from PointPay Bank Crypto School. PointPay has its own referral program for ICO enabling everyone to earn 25% cashback in PXP tokens from purchases of their friends.

    On my own behalf, I want to wish the team good luck in their further development, and I would like to thank them for making high-quality products that took into account all the wishes of their users. All I want to say is that the future has already arrived! And it depends only on us how it will develop. Let’s help the project to rise together. Especially since in return, you get high-quality services and the opportunity to earn money!

    To the moon? Or maybe further?

    To find out more information about PointPay do check out the links below

    Pointpay Bank

    PointPay Telegram

    PointPay Twitter

    PointPay Facebook

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