How To Use Your TECNO Phone To Detect Fake Drugs


    How To Use Your TECNO Phone To Detect Fake Drugs

    A well-spent life has a sure secret of healthy intakes; authenticated substances. A secret that we all need to know if we really want to enjoy a well-spent life.

    We are living in a world where so many talents, knowledge and prowess are displayed on daily basis. A world where desperate people can take desperate measures to curb desperate needs. These needs are in their multitude, from ways to live, to grow, to possess and to achieve.
    We cannot in the vastness of this daily hustle do without our well-being. Our health.

    Accordingly, knowledge on the other side allows people to identify an unhealthy state and manufacture vaccines and drugs to cure these problems.
    You will agree with us that, there are more than 100 different drugs available for just one type of sickness.

    Among these drugs, how can we tell which one is original? Which one is authentic? How can we identify the good ones from the bad ones? Must we follow NAFDAC or FDA to verify the authenticity of the medicines we take in all the time?

    No need to worry yourself trying to get these answers because,

    If you’re using the latest TECNO smartphones with its latest HiOS operating system, then you can be rest assured that the answers to these questions are already with you. This is why. TECNO recently introduced the HiOS 7.0 operating system. In it, a feature was introduced called the SMART SCANNER.

    SmartScanner does a lot of things, from recharge, to translate and the most important one we are discussing right now is to AUTHENTICATE.


    While a lot of desperate people are out there trying to produce fake drugs for desperate people, your TECNO phone can ensure you do not fall victim. On HiOS Smart Scanner Drug Checker, you can verify the authenticity of any drug you purchase from the pharmaceutical store or the roadside drug seller. Almost all recent and authentic products have a barcode or Anti-counterfeit scratch code on the pack. So you’ll simply have to scan the barcode or the scratch code and you’ll be directed to a very quick-load webpage where you will get a confirmation if the drug is original or not.
    To access this Smartscanner Drug Checker,

    Go-to your Application Menu, Scroll to the S alpha list and select Smart scanner.
    At the button Menu List, Touch Drug Check.
    Just allow the system to do the rest job.

    Therefore, do not take yours, or friend or family’s health for granted Make sure you authenticate any drugs prescribed or purchased before consumption. Have you used this feature or would you love to try it?

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