The advancement in the digital representation of things around us and humans in image form has in recent times taken a whole new scope.

    One can easily say, there is an original duplication of oneself or things using this amazing technology that has grown beyond black and white to almost reality.

    Not to review much of this renovation, the attachment of the camera on the smartphone is one that has grown, becoming very accessible and simple to use among millions of people around the world -from capturing amazing views to taking beautiful memories.

    Like an entity, the TECNO Camon 16 Pro running on the latest HiOS 7.0 operating system uses different powerful tools and features to give quality results and a clear shot of ambience.

    What makes Camon 16 camera astounding is the level of technological camera features TECNO HiOS introduced on it.

    These features include:
    The AI Beauty
    Super Night Mode
    Full-Screen Mode and Bokeh effect; to mention just a few.

    The AI Cam and Beauty

    AI Camera feature

    AI has blurred the boundaries between image capture, image enhancement, and image manipulation. It is used in photo-capture, to meld, enhance and ‘augment’ reality, to make more intelligent object selections, to match processing parameters to the subject, and to help you find the images automatically based on what’s in your photos rather than manual keywords and descriptions. It is already looking at what you photograph and making its own decisions about how to handle it. For example, the camera can identify street view, plant, and other things and automatically adjust itself to the best possible setting for such capture.

    Full-Screen Mode

    FULL SCREEN Capture2

    Photography does not have to be limited to the 4:3 ratio or 1:1 anymore. On Camon 16 camera, you can take a full-screen image capture that can be used as wallpaper without cropping or stretching the image with HiOS full-screen mode
    The full-screen mode can be very useful for portrait full snapshot while standing, or landscape of a large group of persons, or wide-angle shots.

    Super Night Mode

    Super Night Mode1

    Night pictures ordinary, demand very bright lighting in order to make visible -the faces or detail of the shot. With the HiOS Super night mode feature on Camon 16 Camera, you do not need this physical light stand to take a better clear picture even in the thick darkness.
    The lights are fully embedded and once you take a shot, allow the feature to apply its magic and will present you with a great quality shot that will look like a studio setup.

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    Bokeh Effect

    The Bokeh Effect is also another improvement in AI Technology that HiOS also featured on Camon 16 Camera which helps blur out none focus images in a shot background.
    Unlike in times past where one needs to ask people to move aside because you want to take a shot. Or have to remove people from an image because they are not supposed to be in the shot.

    The Bokeh effect acts as a blur that focuses only on the person you want while blurring the other parts.
    With this feature, you can stand in the midst of the crowd, even in the market, and have your face capture in real focus.

    Have you tried out these features?
    Let me know your experience in the comment section.

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