How to use Binance Smart Chain with Metamask wallet


    How to use Metamask wallet on Binance Smart chain

    Using the Binance Smart chain for buying and selling digital assets is unique, several ERC-20 wallets can be used to swap from one token to another within a specified wallet. We will be focusing on using Metamask wallet on the Binance Smart chain to buy and sell tokens as well as store digital assets.

    What is Metamask?

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    Metamask is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency wallet that can be used on Chrome, Firefox and Brave browsers. It also has a browser extension that can be added to any of the mentioned browsers for easy access.

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    How to Install Metamask


    Note: Always ensure you visit MetaMask

    • Click on “Add to Brave”

    That’s it! You have successfully installed the MetaMask extension in Brave!


    Create an account in MetaMask for Binance Smart Chain

    1. Click on the “Create a wallet” button

    MetaMask on Binance Smart Chain

    2. Create a Password of at least 8 characters
    Create MetaMask Password

    1. Click on “Create” and then write down your backup phrase.

    Save MetaMask Secret phrase

    1. Select each phrase in order to make sure it is correct then click “Confirm”.

    confirm MetaMask Secret phrase

    Congratulations! you have just created your MetaMask account!

    Connect Your MetaMask With Binance Smart Chain

    1. Go to the setting page


    1. Add a new network

      • Testnet
        • RPC URLs
        • ChainID: 0x61, 97 in decimal (if 97 doesn’t work, try 0x61)
        • Symbol: BNB
        • Block Explorer:
      • Mainnet
        • RPC URLs
        • ChainID: 0x38, 56 in decimal (if 56 doesn’t work, try 0x38)
        • Symbol: BNB
        • Block Explorer:
    2. Claim some testnet token to your account Click on your address for the copy img
    3. Go to faucet page:, then paste your address in the box and click on “Give me BNB”


    Please note that you can only claim once every minute

    After the transfer transaction is sent, you will see an increase of your balanceimg

    Transfer BNB to other Binance Smart Chain address

    1. Log in to your MetaMask
    2. Click on the Send button
    3. Copy the receiver’s address in the box
    4. Input the amount
    5. Go to Advanced Options to modify default gas price when necessary
    6. Confirm your transaction, then click Next
    7. Click Confirm to send your transaction
    8. Wait for your transaction to be included in the new block
    9. Once your transaction is confirmed, check it on block explorer by clicking Details
    10. Click on your account to see “Details”
      img img

    Verify your transaction in Explorer: img


    Over the years, the Metamask wallet has always been the preferred wallet for storing ERC-20 tokens and currently the wallet of choice for interacting with different decentralized applications. It’s easy and safe to use as just anyone can easily set up a wallet with Metamask.

    Also, note that we have other wallets like the Trustwallet that can be used to interact with the Binance Smart chain for swapping from one token to another flawlessly. Metamask also allows users to modify the gas prices of any transaction they want to perform especially when the gas fees are high.

    Overall, using metamask to interact with different decentralized applications is quite easy on the Binance smart chain, The Binance smart chain appears to be a better and cheaper alternative to the current overload and high gas prices currently being experienced on the Ethereum blockchain, so far it has been a flawless ride on the Binance smart chain as traders all over the world continue to adopt it as the most convenient alternative to Ethereum blockchain.

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