xSigma DeFi Token: Top Coin Pick of the Month



    Our coin of the month is the xSigma DeFi token, some may wonder why we chose a relatively less popular coin given the array of prominent and promising coins/tokens in the market.

    We consider several factors before choosing a coin with the potential of giving you x5, x10, x20 and above. Let’s explore this token called xSigma which is a blockchain R&D lab developed by ZK international with affiliations to NASDAQ.

    xSigma aims to encourage blockchain adoption by exploring several use cases in infrastructure, IoT, decentralized finance, supply chain management and logistics.

    The announced ETF-like protocol will be decentralized finance based on Ethereum blockchain, which will diversify between major crypto assets related to the DeFi space. In addition, it will provide a platform that will enable others to create indexes and it will be branded and known as xTF by xSigma.

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    xSigma DeFi Token

    The decentralized smart contract application (DApp) is expected to act like an index of the major DeFi tokens, allowing crypto investors to capitalize on the overall growth of a wider share of the DeFi market, and potentially reducing risks and transactional costs. xTF by xSigma is also expected to allow others to create ETF-like decentralized finance on their own with just a few clicks. It will allow institutions and individuals to create their own indexes, attract capital and earn on trading fees and expense ratios. The fees can be configured, and various business models can be implemented. Finally, the platform is expected to turn into a marketplace or aggregator of various indexes.

    A curious look at the xSigma smart contract and tokenomics show a Total Supply of 24,024,024.00 million tokens with a current circulating supply of a little above 700,000 tokens and currently minted supply standing at 1,119,749.33 …now by all standard this token supply coupled with its attendant use cases are enough to push the price through the ceilings but that’s not all, the number of addresses holding this token is a little above one thousand holders, this gives room for even more adoption, growth and expansion considering the fact that the team behind this token is massively active as demonstrated recently with the release of it’s updated road map, burning off some of it’s token and reallocating the dev funds with vesting period just to mention a few.

    While the focus here is on acquiring this digital asset at low prices and selling when it’s high, it’s also important to note that there are other ways to earn from xSigma such as providing liquidity and also farming the $SIG token by creating liquidity with your stable coin on the exchange.

    We believe Xsigma is greatly undervalued at the moment, this is so for a token with an all-time high of $84 and currently trading just a little above $5 as at the time of writing

    More to this is the successful launch of the xSigma DEX which amassed a whopping $100 million dollars liquidity on its first day of launch, not forgetting the upcoming launch of the xSigma stable coin… it’s safe to say this token is definitely a token to watch out for in the long run.

    Then comes the most important question…Where can we buy this token?…xSigma is currently trading on Uniswap and it recently got added on 1inch exchange, do well to make an informed decision before making your purchase. DYOR


    The DeFi craze which has delivered insane returns to its participants is still very much alive and of course, xSigma isn’t left out as the team has smartly tapped into this current trend in the Cryptocurrency market and this obviously will make Xsigma remain relevant for a long time to come.

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