Mobile Data Liberator & Telco Disruption at it’s finest


    Mobile Data Liberator & Telco Disruption at its finest

    Mobile Data Liberator & Telco Disruption at its finest

    Mobile data in today’s world has become a key part of the lives of individuals and corporations, one could barely carry out a formal function without necessarily using data via the internet. It’s hard to go a day without utilizing the services of Telcos either by voice calls or data calls.

    Dent wireless is a global marketplace for mobile data for the buying and selling of Telco assets like eSIM digital SIM cards, mobile data packages, voice minutes, and top-ups. Over 25 Million users have already registered for Dent services, and products with over 220 Telcos already available on the platform.

    According to Dent, Mobile Data is the next thing to be liberated as it has become a daily essential for humans since the need for data continues to grow on a daily basis.

    What does Dent hope to address?

    1. Liberation of Mobile Data: Dent enables a “Data Sharing Economy” where users are able to freely buy, sell and donate their mobile data, from one user to another. the Dent exchange acts as a horizontal market place for the trading of Mobile data. The Dent token will be the world wide currency for mobile data between telcos and the user community.

    2. Disruption of International Roaming: Dent facilitates the removal of data roaming cost drivers, such as expensive routings between telcos. For example, with local data break-out, the foreign telco terminates the user traffic directly to the internet, instead of routing the payload to the home telco.

    3. Facilitation of Mobile Data Purchase: Dent enables automated purchase capability of data packages for consumers and IOT devices. The user always gets the best price from the most suitable operator in his region, without having to worry about buying too much or too little data. Operators can easily connect with the Dent platform to serve a global customer base, without the need to establish it’s own platforms

    Generally, Dent will be the global exchange for mobile data, a platform where data is sold, bought, or donated just like other commodities such as currencies are traded today.

    Dent will make data pricing transparent and through automated bidding increases the efficiency of purchase just like the spot markets and mobile advertising today. Dent tokens will be the global currency for the exchange of Mobile data packages. The possibility of exchanging a package to a more suitable one especially in the advent of eSIMS will allow the use of multiple operators on a single phone will drive telcos to compete.

    We may begin to ask what will drive the price appreciation of the Dent token, The Dent team has identified key drivers and trends in the telecommunications industry that they can leverage to make Dent the perfect digital asset for mobile data.

    The rate of appreciation will be proportional to the size of Dent traded in the mobile data market. According to GSMA, the size of the mobile data market is predicted to increase which means larger market traded in Dent could lead to Dent price increase. It’s safe to say that with the growing adoption of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Dent token will also continue to grow in demand and that will obviously increase its price.

    -Smartphone adoption: As Dent continues to provide a fully digital experience without the need to ever visit any POS or call-center. Buying, selling, and donating data are all easily facilitated through a smartphone app, consumers now naturally use their smartphones to communicate via video, watch movies, manage their telco subscription, and purchase goods and services.

    – New technologies like eSIM, 5G, and IoT: Dent is set to support new technologies like eSIM, 5G, etc. DENT market place complements eSIM enabled devices this enabling the user to freely choose the best data package needed

    Furthermore, the Dent platform is fully automated and globally scalable to support IOT and 5G internet services. Connecting IoT devices automatically to the Dent platform can guarantee the availability of mobile data at fully transparent cost control.

    Dent Market place

    The Dent marketplace will provide a platform where data pricing will be at the local level, it eliminates the need for a complex roaming agreement. Moreso, the Dent app which will be available to all Dent customers will equally provide some sort of interaction among users this eliminating the need for regular SMS. Voice services to are not left out as this will be provided via IP services such as WhatsApp, Skype, or the Dent-owned communication platform. And finally, Doneent app will also give easy access to the right roaming network for a local breakout.

    Dent exchange

    This is a mix of the current state-of-the-art technologies. The trading side of it is familiar to stocks or forex trading while connectivity between Dent exchange and telcos resembles that of a virtual operator. The exchange allows market participants to view quote feeds, see the order book and market depth, place buy/sell orders, review portfolio, etc

    DENT current Market Analysis

    The Dent token is currently listed in several exchanges and looking at the historical performance of this digital asset, you’ll notice it has an ATH of $0.1 cent. Dent token has been rising steadily over the last year. Also Dent token as the top gainer in the last 48 hours across several exchanges in the Cryptocurrency space. It’s worth mentioning that Dent will also be featuring in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

    The team behind Dent I’m collaboration with telcos is clearly on course to make Dent the go-to for data services in times to come. The proposed presence of Dent at the upcoming Olympics will obviously be a major boost to global adoption and acceptance. The Dent token is clearly a digital asset worth holding and it’s still greatly undervalued at the moment so now it’s a good time to get in.

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