TreeDeFi: The First Eco-friendly Defi Yield Platform


    TreeDeFi: The First Eco-friendly Defi project

    TreeDefi is a prominent DeFi protocol-based platform operating on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) focused on Yield Farming. The concept is based on a DEX (Decentralized Exchange), forked from PancakeSwap that allows users to farm tokens, stake tokens, swap tokens, earn and win tokens through games and governance.

    TreeDeFi is the unique Yield Platform that aims to help the environment by planting trees across the world. It is a new unique Defi platform for yield Farming and staking, there exist a host of Defi platforms for farming and staking but TreeDeFi has really done a tremendous job of standing out with great features, It recently conducted its pre-sale which was a huge success given the short time at which it sold out.

    Why TreeDeFi?

    This question and many more have often popped up whenever we have a discussion about this space, one may begin to wonder why several of these platforms are being built on the Binance smart chain… The reasons are not far fetched, let’s begin by exploring the benefits associated with Treedefi. This platform gives its users the opportunity to farm or stake its tokens on their platform and earn some mouth-watering returns. At the moment, lots of hype is growing around farming and staking due to the high returns obtainable.

    Treedefi on BSC is an outstanding initiative aimed at planting trees around the world by using proceeds from its platform. Treedefi developed a donation vault that can be used to track donations by members for planting trees this ensuring transparency

    Treedefi Tokenomics

    Treedefi has an initial supply of 10,000 tokens during its presale with a total supply capped at 1,000,000.

    The initial supply is as follows:
    15% Marketing (Partnerships, Graphical Work, Airdrops, AMA on larger Telegram groups, Reviews from Defi Youtubers)*
    15% Team*
    70% Presale

    Also, note the marketing and dev funds will be restricted under a 30-day timelock.

    Features of Treedefi

    Treedefi actually picked out the most interesting features of existing Defi projects and harnessed them to greater efficiency, for example, the yield Farming and staking of SEED token have greater rewards more than what is available anywhere in the Cryptocurrency space as at the time of writing.

    Burning and Buyback Mechanism

    To combat token inflation in the short run Treedefi will have 3 different burning mechanisms biz


    Treedefi lottery will burn 20% of the pot allocated to winners to help the stability of our coin.

    -Deposit Fees

    ⅓ of our Deposit Fees will be used for the buyback and burning of the TREE token.
    3% Deposit Farm fee on pairs, 0% deposit farm fee on pairs with TREE token. ⅓ will be used to buy back tokens and burn them, ⅓ will go to the dev team and ⅓ will be used to plant new trees.

    Harvest Guards: This an anti pump & dump system that helps to guard against price manipulation on the Treedefi platform by locking part of the harvested tokens. 30% of your tokens will be released instantly, while 70% will be locked in harvest guard. The harvest guard will last 7 days, but for each new block added, a percentage of your harvest will be unlocked. So you will gradually receive all of your tokens through the next 7 days. This helps to keep a healthy token price and will stop users from purchasing large quantities of tokens just to manipulate the market in the short term.

    Tree NFT: The Treedefi team is also working on launching Trees based NFT where one can collect various species of Trees and trade against the other with each NFT being linked to a real Planted Trees


    Treedefi is clearly new in the Cryptocurrency market but the team behind it boasts of several years of experience and given the amazing features of the Treedefi platform like harvest guard, it’s safe to say the project has come to stay for the long term. We’d recommend you always do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency project

    Plant some Trees today!

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