NFTs: Making Your Own NFTs


    NFTs: Making Your Own NFTs

    Binance Smart Chain is a great place to start with low fees, quick transaction times and a growing NFT community.

    There are several platforms to choose from when one wants to mint NFTs, BakerySwap is one of the cheapest and simplest to use. You just need to fill in your NFT details, upload your digital art or file, and pay the minting fee. If you feel like selling your NFT, you can quickly put it on the BakerySwap marketplace.

    Recently, celebrities, digital artists, and creative artists are all gearing up to put their artwork on the blockchain. From paintings to songs and even collectible NBA trading cards, the possibilities are enormous when minting NFTs. It’s a great way of proving authenticity and ownership of creative works.

    A talented artist in any field can make good money from minting NFTs once there is a significant demand for your NFT

    Things to Have before Minting NFTs

    There are three things one needs before they can start minting NFTs;

    1. Your song, artwork or collectible
    2. Some crypto to pay the minting fee
    3. A cryptocurrency wallet to store your crypto

    You’ll also need to pick the blockchain where you will create your non-fungible token.

    To have a better understanding of what NFTs are, kindly go here

    Choosing A Wallet for your NFT

    This is highly dependent on the network you choose to create your token on, several wallets support Ethereum and Binance SmartChain as such there isn’t much difference. Therefore the wallet to use depends on the blockchain your token is built. It is generally recommended to use Metamask or Trustwallet

    Choosing a blockchain

    Some of the popular NFT-compatible blockchains are Ethereum, Binance Smartchains, Polkadot, Tron, Tezos etc. Before now most NFTs existed on the Ethereum blockchain but a whole lot more has left Ethereum blockchain due to high gas fees, Presently a whole lot of NFTs favour the Binance Smartchain due to low gas fees and fast transaction confirmation with plenty of NFT marketplaces and projects giving you a big audience for possible buyers.

    Which Platform can I use to create NFTs?

    On Binance Smartchain, we recommend BakerySwap which is an Automated Market Maker(AMM) that also has an NFT marketplace while Opensea and Rarible are popular on Ethereum blockchain

    Is NFT Transferable?

    You can easily transfer your NFTs between marketplaces, so long as the new platform supports your token type. For BSC marketplaces and exchanges, the vast majority will support both BEP-721 and BEP-1155 tokens. These are the most common types of BSC NFTs you will find.

    What you cannot do is transfer your NFTs directly to a marketplace on another blockchain.
    To transfer your it to another exchange, send the collectible to your wallet. Once you have it safely stored, simply send it to the correct deposit address of the new platform. Always make sure to double-check that your NFT token standard is supported by your wallet and any platform you transfer it to.


    Non-fungible tokens are the craze of the moment with prominent sales of this asset class running into millions of dollars, be it a fresh creation, buying or selling of NFT there is a project available for anyone to use. It appears the Non-fungible ecosystem is now ripe for more influx of people and institutions.

    Keep Minting!

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