TECNO Unveils The All-New HiOS 7.6 On CAMON 17


    TECNO Unveils The All-New HiOS 7.6 On CAMON 17

    TECNO, the world’s leading technology company has released a new version of its HiOS operating system, HiOS 7.6, for a debut on its TECNO Camon 17 flagship phone. With its slogan, “Smart, Smooth, Simple”, the tech giant unveiled HiOS’s Infinite Vitality and Freedom Design concept as well as a series of tech solutions and fresh features, to deliver an effortless, user-centered experience.

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    From the new UX design delivering beautiful visual and interactive experiences to powerful new enhancements and smart multitasking efficiency boost, HiOS 7.6 heralds innovative improvements to privacy and security and a smoother and more intuitive user experience to help the Camon 17 stay faster.

    So, what is new on HiOS 7.6?

    Dazzling and minimalistic, Infinite Vitality and Freedom Design Refreshes the user experience
    The HiOS 7.6 comes with an all-new design using the new Cosmos Blue structured with ocean elements, recreating the feeling of the tender breeze of everything in the universe. The blue is comfortable and pure, reminding you of the sky and sea; It is also elegant and intriguing, for your peaceful pondering of nature. Cosmos blue is shown in graded saturation, manifesting strong vitality with dedicated color transitions. It’s so ethereal, dazzling, and mysterious.
    The brand-new zero screens is now Imbued with smart squares, a modern and elegant layout that will largely contribute to your daily-life convenience and work efficiency.
    With Minimalism immersed in every move, the new version is characterized by symmetry in golden ratio, plenty of blank space, unity of screen elements for a more balanced HiOS visual experience while making sure the key contents stand out.

    Industry’s Best Privacy & Security solution
    In today’s information-driven world, TECNO remains committed to safeguarding user privacy with innovation. HiOS 7.6 features one of the industry’s best solutions for providing comprehensive security protection for users. Based on Android and GSM ecology, HiOS’s Za-Hooc security system uses encryption technology to protect the device and personal data both at the software and hardware level. Hence, both end-users and developers benefit from it. Meaning all your files and data are properly encrypted and are not sold or shared with any third-party app. You also get an internal security system that protects your phone from data breaches through the introduction of some innovative features.

    The peek Proof protects your screen information from prying eyes when in a public place. It provides an adjustable darkened screen whereby only a highlighted portion of the screen is visible to those trying to peep into the screen.

    The vault provides special security for apps and even your gallery for unauthorized access on your device. It just simply makes them vanish completely from your device without a trace. Of Course, only you can bring them back by filling in some security information.

    Based on Android 11
    Built on Android 11, HiOS7.6 offers a richer and more fun experience with an extensive and immersive collection of features such as the Custom Timing Dark Theme which features the stock Android 11 scheduling feature, allowing you to automatically turn dark theme on or off at certain times you choose or linking it to sunset/sunrise.

    With  Chat bubble, you can create a bubble-like effect of your open chats and conversation. That way, you don’t need to ever leave your current app to respond to a message. You just tap on a bubble to continue your chat.

    The kid’s mode allows you to restrict what content and how long your child can play to safeguard your children. You can prevent children from using unwanted applications and control the time they spend using their mobile phones. It can also detect the wrong posture.

    Finally, the phone cloner allows you to move files (videos, music, files, apps) seamlessly from one device to the other. No more rigorous exercise when moving files from your old phone to a new phone.

    Highlighted features to make it outstanding
    TECNO’s intuitive technology on HiOS 7.6 brings new improvements to multi-tasking with the Video Assistant.

    On the Camon 17, users could respond to chats via floating windows without leaving their video screen for a more immersive video viewing experience. Additionally, HiOS 7.6 adds a whole lot more functionalities added to your video players like the ability to screen record, bar incoming calls, background play for YouTube audio, and a whole lot more.

    You also get the Film album which allows you to arrange pictures in your AI Gallery into a cinematic video presentation with special customizations.

    For your documents, you get the Document auto-rotate manager. An innovation that allows you to rotate bent or out of shape documents using advanced edge detection technology and helps you straighten them so it’s easier to read.

    That is not all, you also get the Voice Changer feature which allows you to change your default voice in real-time during chat calls. This would make chat calls much more fun and interesting.

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