Instagram Share to Facebook Stopped Working – How To Fix

    If you have an Instagram influencer account then be rest assured that you cant share post to your Facebook page instead it posts to your personal Facebook page how can you stop this?


    Ever since Facebook bought Instagram, the company has been tying the two together so they can support each other in many ways. One of the more useful ways that Facebook and Instagram complement each other is giving users the capability to share Instagram images directly onto Facebook.

    Well, you can share Instagram images directly to Facebook in theory. In reality, the option is still a little bit buggy at times but getting better.

    If you’re having problems with sharing images from Instagram directly on Facebook, here are some things you can try which can fix the problem.

    You have been able to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts for ages. Long before Facebook bought Instagram.

    However, the system behind the scenes seems to have changed with the acquisition and the feature that used to work reliably now seems a little temperamental but the integrations do seem to be improving over time.

    The problem can take two forms. The first tells you the image was shared successfully but never appears on Facebook and the other is you share something from Instagram and it just doesn’t seem to do anything at all.

    For your personal account, you’ll make the connection between Instagram and Facebook from Instagram.

    If you also have a business Facebook Page, then you’ll need to make sure that Instagram has permission to post to your Facebook Page.

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    What should happen when you share from Instagram is you see a confirmation telling you “Your post was shared successfully” and it appears on your Facebook page.

    As I mentioned above, sometimes you see that message but nothing appears on Facebook and sometimes nothing happens at all and you don’t see the message.

    Either way, here are some ways to fix it.

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    The simplest and therefore the first thing to do is out and then back into both Instagram and Facebook.

    This simple solution can solve all kinds of problems with the apps individually but it can also resolve issues with the integration between the two services.

    Log out of both services, then log back in and then test to see if you can now successfully share images from Instagram directly to Facebook.


    The ability to share depends on the link between your Instagram account and your Facebook account is intact.

    A lot of users have found that checking the link and sometimes resetting it is enough to get Instagram shares to Facebook working again. Here’s how to check the link between Facebook and Instagram from your Instagram account:

    1. Open the Instagram app on your device.
    2. From your profile, tap Settings
    3. Tap Account
    4. Then tap Linked Accounts
    5. Select Facebook from the list and you should be taken to the Facebook app on your device.

    You may alternatively be asked to log into Facebook and check the link from Facebook by following these instructions:

    When you first see Facebook in the Linked Accounts list, it should be blue with the Facebook logo beside it, along with your name associated with your Facebook account

    If you tap on Facebook you should be able to log in to Facebook from Instagram by tapping “Log in”.

    If that doesn’t work, let us reset the link to make sure Facebook’s properly authenticated and linked to your Instagram account. Starting from Linked Accounts that you got to following the steps above

    1. Tap Unlink Account
    2. Then tap Facebook again
    3. a dialogue box will ask “Do you want to continue as “Your name?” with “Your Name” being your name associated with your Facebook account
    4. Assuming Instagram linking to the correct Facebook account, tap Continue
    5. A dialogue box will appear asking “Turn on Facebook Sharing?”
    6. Tap Start Sharing to Facebook

    This will link or re-link your Facebook account with your Instagram account and enable you to share Instagram images to Facebook.

    This should fix the issue. There’s nothing to do within Facebook with a personal Facebook account. However, if you have a Facebook Page for your business, then the process is a bit different.


    If you’ve linked your Instagram account to your Facebook account but find you can’t post to your business Facebook Page, you need to make sure you’ve given Instagram permission to post to your Page. Give Instagram permission to post to your Page by following these instructions on your laptop or desktop computer using a web browser:

    1. Click Settings at the top of your Facebook Page,
    2. Then, click Instagram on the left-hand side of Settings.
    3. Next, click Connect Account.
    4. Finally, type in your username and password then click Log In.


    If you’re still having trouble posting from Instagram to Facebook from your mobile device, the final thing to try is clearing the app cache on your device. Clearing the app cache can solve problems that have nothing to do with Facebook or Instagram. In the case of iOS, you’ll reinstall the app rather than just clear the cache.

    On Android follow these instructions for Facebook and Instagram separately

    1. Tap on Settings
    2. Tap on Apps
    3. Tap on Facebook or Instagram
    4. Tap Storage
    5. Finally, tap Clear Cache

    On iOS (not reinstalling apps clears app cache for the app in question):

    1. Tap Settings
    2. Tap General
    3. Select iPhone Storage or iPage Storage depending on what iOS device you’re using.
    4. Tap Facebook
    5. Tap Delete App
    6. Reinstall the Facebook app from the App Store.
    7. Repeat this same process for Instagram to get a clean install of both without the data.

    Clearing the cache is the final fix I know of when Instagram Share to Facebook stops working.

    Do you know of any other methods to fix this kind of issue? If so, please tell us about it below!

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