Tecno HIOS 5.5

Tecno Operating System HiOS 5.5 Features

‘The HiOS 5.5 delivers the most helpful features’ says the release in that it ‘provides a slew of immersive experience and creative features that not only improves the overall phone experience of users but also help users to be more productive in the longer run.’

It also ‘brings art to life with augmented reality (AR)’. The ‘(AR) virtual canvas’ is essentially (a) futuristic finger painting (concept). ‘Many sculptors refer to their hands as a tool — and the HiOS 5.5 allows you to turn your fingers into sculptural brushes that you can use to paint in midair.

Just by aiming your ‘device camera at an object, you can paint or spray on any place in reality within multiple spaces with awesome brushes, emojis, animations, and stickers. You can also work on your creations with friends, or show off your masterpieces to your tribe by sharing it with them’.

It also has a gesture call picker, which is a cool new way to respond to calls. The ‘HiOS 5.5 introduces a new ability to answer and end calls with simple fingers and palm gestures without having to physically touch your phone. This will allow you to simultaneously use your hands for other things like eating or washing clothes while also being able to conveniently answer important calls without touching your phone. You can now simply just use “V” gesture to answer the phone or wave your palm above your phone screen to reject the calls

call picker

Also available is a faster and immersive game experience. This is ‘a dedicated Game Mode that comes equipped with a Game Assistant means you can now seamlessly neuter distracting apps or intrusive notifications like email, news, chats, and social media popup windows and calls to focus exclusively on gaming.’

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‘For that all-important message, it ‘also gives you the ability to remain on your screen without pausing your game and still reply chats and messages with floating windows without interrupting gameplay. You can also quickly go online to view game guides all while still remaining on your game screen.’

game assist 1

It further tells that you can ‘seamlessly enjoy heavy CPU power consuming games by boosting memory, turn on Wi-fi exclusively for the game, switch data SIM cards and more in-game without disrupting or exiting your game’ says the release.

It also has a ‘closed eye detection’ feature. ‘Face recognition technology’ is said to have ‘been vastly upgraded so it can help you secure your phone in a more intelligent and smarter way.’

‘Security has been stepped up a notch by making it impossible for your phone to be unlocked when your eyes are closed.’

face onlock

The newly improved Face ID 2.0 is more intelligent and can detect eye-status of open, closed or sideways not only frontal faces but also for rotated or tilted head poses’ says the release

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