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    I Don’t think there is anyone who loves the constant difficulties or stress we go through when connecting to other devices and also at times it can be very frustrating when your friends keep changing their Wi-Fi password, you have to be reconnecting all the times.
    6f5e6c952cb903de34af956e3bbd771948664945e820e246c574On Infinix S5 Pro, there is this great feature called Wi-Fi Share we made especially for you.

    What this feature does is that it allows you to simply share your data with others around you easily or let’s just say its a simple way to connect to another device just by scanning through QR code and automatically you are connected.

    So guys, you now have access to that handy option that allows you to share your WiFi through a QR code. when your friend visits your home, you can just ask him/her to scan the code, then boom – they’re connected
    And also it works well too for the game lovers, you can share wifi just in a single scanning and you have all your friends connected all day long having the most exciting moments together browsing the internet and playing games.

    4cff38d1fa7617664225212a23a53fb948664945e820e94f0a58How turn on Wi-Fi share on Infinix S5 Pro? It’s very simple, all you have to do is go to your setting > Network & internet > Wi-Fi and click on the connected device name. After scanning the QR code, you can enjoy surfing on the internet.

    I know we are all very excited about this feature.
    Share with us in the comment section  below your first experience using Wifi Share

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