Social Turbo: Bring Fun and Awesomeness to WhatsApp on HiOS 6.0

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Social Turbo: Bring Fun and Awesomeness to your WhatsApp on HiOS 6.0

TECNO first hinted at a Chat Assistant on its HiOS Operating System back in 2019 when it introduced the HiOS Lab as an experimental lab where users can test out features and apps still in development. One of those features gave users customization and control features for WhatsApp. Now, the company has rolled out its new HiOSv6.0 Operating System alongside its newly launched Tecno Camon 15 series and guess what… It comes with the much-awaited Social Turbo feature!

Social Turbo is a powerful toolset that contains large unbelievable features to optimize your WhatsApp chats. As we all know, If there is one app that is a must-have for most people today, it is WhatsApp. In fact, while it is possible to go one entire month without receiving a text message, it is almost impossible for you not to get at least one WhatsApp message from friends in a day.

Many people have been looking for a way to get more control and customization for their WhatsApp. Unfortunately, these “solutions” have often led to violating the T&C of WhatsApp which most times cause more problems. Besides, users with these third-party apps are usually banned from using the chat service.

This is where the Social Turbo comes in.

HiOS Social Turbo integrates smoothly with your normal WhatsApp, which means you don’t have to worry about any bans or running afoul of WhatsApp rules. Also, you don’t have to download any third-party app. Internet data is a very precious commodity after all.

Social Turbo doesn’t only give you security, it makes sure no one is stealing your information or introduce any malicious malware into your device. Social Turbo also ensures that you get the customization and control features that add more fun and colour to your WhatsApp. This includes extra features exclusive to HiOS. And guess what, you do this entirely on your original WhatsApp itself without you needing to use a modified version.

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It’s pretty easy to use the Social Turbo. All you need do is go to settings and locate the Social Turbo. Once you launch it, you are set up and ready to go on your way to awesome WhatsApp features.


flash lisht notification 2 1

People have different things they do with their WhatsApp but many people will agree that the Flashlight Notification is the coolest thing ever to add to WhatsApp. What do you think about having your phone flashlight blink when a call comes in on your phone? Cool right? That’s what you get with the Flashlight Notification.

With this feature, you can differentiate between your phone calls and WhatsApp calls while setting yourself apart from other people. Also, this is really a very good accessibility feature for the deaf and hearing impaired that uses LED flash to provide a visible cue for incoming notifications. Whether you need flash notifications or you just want them for cool points, once you enable the feature, all you have to do is leave your Tecno phone screen-down and within sight, and you won’t just hear notifications come in – you’ll see them!


We are in a generation where we can see our loved one with our smartphones within seconds. But when our loved ones call, we can’t always use the makeup to look beautiful. But that was before Social Turbo. Now, Social Turbo gives you a simple hack to look beautiful instantly by using WhatsApp Video Beauty.

Just like the name suggests, WhatsApp Video Beauty brings glamour to your WhatsApp video calls. Video Beauty makes you more attractive and beautiful on your WhatsApp video call even when you do not apply makeup.

How it works
Suppose you are calling someone on WhatsApp. As soon as you start calling, even before they attend the call, you can see an option at the left side corner to beautify your face. You can adjust the mode and by sliding on it and you see the instant transformation.


Another function of the Social Turbo that will thrill you is the Status Saver to save your friends’ status updates for as long as you like. If you have been looking for a way to save those hilarious status updates then you need not look further than the Social Turbo. You get different options for how long you want to save your status. Maybe a day, a week, 15 days, a month or forever. It’s all up to you.

How to use:

I. Turn on Status Saver in Social Turbo
II. Watch status in WhatsApp first.
III. Open your File Manager.
IV. Your Favourite Status is already downloaded for you
V. Watch the status for as long as you like


Add life and fun to your chats with the WhatsApp Sticker DIY feature of Social Turbo which gives you the ability to create your own stickers. Make yourself a sticker using your phone camera to take photos or simply use one of the photos on your phones to create a sticker, then you can share with your friends and make them laugh with your creative skills

To create your own unique sticker with the Sticker Maker simply open the Social Turbo and click the Sticker Maker. Add your favourite pictures and edit as you want. And Voila, you can start sending to your friends.


Of course, for the troublesome photo clutter, the Clean WhatsApp of Social Turbo gives you solutions. You no longer have to worry about deleting unwanted photos and videos from groups one by one. Social Turbo gives you the ability to delete clutter from your WhatsApp helping you free up storage automatically and make sure your phone continues to run smoothly.


Social media has become part of our daily lives. We are constantly chatting and sending messages to friends and families all day long. During our course of interactions on Whatsapp, lots of messages are sent and received. Out of those messages, some gets deleted by us, while some are deleted by the sender.

There are also times where you want to quickly view a message sent to you, without the sender knowing we have viewed the message.
Well, Makes all this possible with Peek Mode.

How does it work?

Just scroll to your Social Turbo App and open it.

Select Peek Mode.

And you would see all your missed Whatsapp messages, including the deleted messages.

Looks like you have blocked notifications!

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