YoParty 2.0: How to Play Music across Multiple XOS Devices!


YoParty 2.0: How to Play Music across Multiple XOS Devices!

It’s heartbreaking when you have songs you want your friends to listen to but the stress of getting it across to them one after the other could be very annoying at times, going through downloads, Bluetooth, Xender, or any other sharing App just to make sure they get it.

When you finally succeed in getting it across to your fans or your friends who have been long waiting to hear that wonderful song of yours, it’s always overwhelming looking at the dashing smiles and constant laughter that cut across their cheeks as they play your songs.

Save yourself the trouble of always looking for a way of sharing your songs to your fans or friends. They can always listen to the songs without having it on their device. With the XOS features called YoParty,  which allows you to listen to songs on your phone just by scanning Yoparty QR code of the host device. By so doing, you’ve automatically turned your phone into a portable speaker system.

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What’s the party we have here !!! With YoParty, you can synchronize music across to 6 devices turning them into one big speaker system just like you are all at a party!

To turn it on, all you have to do is connect your devices via Wi-Fi and then you can choose to host a party and boost the sound of your music by synchronizing it with all of your friends’ phones through QR code scanning.

You can share your favourite playlist with friends or host a listening party of your favourite artiste’s latest album. Have fun and play music across multiple devices all at once with YoParty.
Be the life of the party, by sharing your amazing playlist using YoParty

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