Infinix Custom Android 10-based XOS 6.1 Operating System

Infinix Announces Android 10-based XOS 6.1 Operating System

Infinix has unveiled the next iteration of its custom Android operating system — XOS 6.1, the android 10-based successor to the XOS 5.5 which was released in November 2019

The phone manufacturer announced the new operating system in an online launch of it’s latest Note 7 smartphone.

Android 10: Everything you need to know!

This time, XOS 6.1 is based on Android 10 and brings a completely revamped user experience that is designed to reduce visual fatigue and offer users a new way to control privacy, customize their phone and get things done. Its icons are entirely customizable, too. Infinix has also added a wide-dark mode, a Wi-Fi share that allows users to share Wi-Fi connection to another with a simple QR code, and a “magic button” for the ultimate hyper-realistic gaming experience.

Infinix also added a powerful WhatsApp Assistant Box with multiple features, a built-in game anti-addiction, and pop up messages that briefly scroll across the screen whenever users receive messages or chats while gaming in XOS 6.1. The camera app also gets a revamp this time around, including an improved night mode and tweaked video editing tools.

For Nigerian users, Infinix announced a new feature that provides users with usage data and statistics of their sim cards. Called Sim Board, the feature will help users manage and keep track of the data traffic of different apps to allow them to make better decisions. For example, users can find out the most frequent calls from their dear friends.

XOS 6.1 also sees an improved RAM optimization and generally reduced app startup times, and offers an overall enhanced gaming experience. Infinix has also redesigned XOS 6.1 with next-generation sound optimization technology with DTS-HD surround sound output, a series of multichannel audio technologies.  Infinix hopes this will make using the OS a smoother, more natural experience.

Infinix XOS 6.1 Availability

XOS 6.1 is available on the Infinix Note 7 series and the Hot 9 series.


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