TECNO HiOS 6.0 The Ultimate Smartphone Experience


    TECNO HiOS 6.0 Paves The Way for the Ultimate Smartphone Experience

    TECNO has released the latest iteration of its HiOS operating system, HiOS 6.0, alongside the unveiling of it’s Camon 15 series via an online launch which made history as the first online product launch in Africa.

    Smartphone manufacturers rely on custom Android skins to offer a tailored experience to their users. While there’s a variety of Android overlays – thanks to the customizable nature of Android – there are a few that most users can recall off the top of their heads. TECNO’s HiOS is definitely one of them and is among the most popular and widely used Android skins in the world – thanks to the brand’s value-for-money offerings in all price brackets and extreme customization which makes it stand out from among the rest.

    Users of TECNO HiOS branded devices have been anticipating this latest release as the company puts a stronger focus on smart tech solutions and fresh, localized features which helps in elevating the entire user experience. User will also notice a revamped user interface, improvement to gaming support and battery life and more privacy controls to users.

    What’s new in TECNO HiOS 6.0?

    What’s new in HiOS 6.0

    HiOS 6.0 is based on the latest version of Android 10. The update includes a ton of new features, ranging from the much-awaited dark mode that helps save battery life to privacy improvements and full-screen navigation gestures that’s downright cool. HiOS 6.0 also comes preloaded with customized features designed exclusively for Nigerian and African users.

    Android 10: Everything you need to know!

    TECNO has also revamped the user interface to offer a more simplified experience. HiOS 6.0 offers new themes, wallpapers and icon styles to users. There is also improvements in animation speed. All these improvements make a considerable difference in HiOS 6.0 to stand apart from any other Android skin in the market.

    In terms of new HiOS features, the Camon 15 comes packed full of exciting features like:


    Users have long been asking for dark mode and HiOS 6.0 does not disappoint in this regard. The idea is to make it easier on the eyes and save battery life. TECNO users will be able to spend hours on their device without straining their eyes. Users would not have to dig through the settings to turn it on, either: just pull down the Quick Settings tile or access the display section in the phone’s settings.

    HiO 6.0 IMAGE 1


    There is a possibility that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network whose password you don’t remember or have access to but would want your friends or family to join it. Or let’s say you have an extremely long Wi-Fi password, it will definitely be difficult to give this to people every time. For such situations, HiOS 6.0 introduces a handy option of sharing a Wi-Fi network using QR codes. You can simply scan this QR code on any compatible smartphone you want to join your Wi-Fi network. It is safe, convenient, and easy. The feature is called Wi-Fi share.

    HIOS 6.0 IMAGE 2 1


    As mentioned above, HiOS 6.0 is loaded with exclusive localized features to solve the everyday mobile problems of the Nigerian smartphone user. One of these problems has to be the issue of USSD Codes. This is because there are just too many of them to memorize and many people usually struggle to commit them to memory. Instant USSD is a localized feature that provides USSD codes on-demand for users in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, and other African countries. HiOS 6.0 gives users access to these local USSD services in a convenient and easy way. This means that in situations where it’s difficult to remember USSD codes or most importantly when you are switching from one mobile operator to the other, you no longer have to worry because now you don’t have to memorize anything. For instance, when you want to subscribe for mobile internet packages, load airtime or you want to quickly transfer money from your bank account to another person, just dial the * key on your phone and you can use the required to get your task done. Very convenient and easy.



    HiOS 6.0 brings a powerful box named Social turbo to TECNO smartphones. You can simply take it as a Magic box that contains large unbelievable features based on WhatsApp.
    For Example, TECNO users can save their WhatsApp Status at long as they want. They can turn on their flashlight to flash when they have an incoming WhatsApp call. They can create their own DIY WhatsApp meme and stickers. They can check messages already deleted by their friends or chat partner. You can also add auto make-up when making a WhatsApp video call without having to apply physical makeup.
    This is one feature that should be number one on your agenda to try out on TECNO’s latest smartphone offerings.


    GAME MODE 2.0

    Now the cherry on the cake for game lovers. First off, you shouldn’t have any problems playing top of the line mobile games. Gamers are unlikely to encounter any jitters or lag while playing games at default settings. This is because HiOS 6.0 eliminates these with the MOBA Games Optimization which automatically free space, boost game, and accelerate network while you game.

    HiOS 6.0 also provides users with the opportunity to make their phone a game controller with the Magic Button option that lets users use their phone’s volume keys as a fire button during a game. This makes it easier to fire at enemies. The Magic Button gives TECNO users an added advantage when gaming.


    Apart from this, HiOS 6.0 solves one of, if not the biggest, problems most mobile gamers encounter; that is, not being able to see important messages when you turn on Do Not Disturb or getting frequent interruptions when it’s turned off. This can be very frustrating. But by turning on the Pop-up messages feature of HiOS 6.0, TECNO users do not have to go back and forth between messaging apps and the game or worry about missing important messages. Now when a message comes in, a snippet of the message will slide across the phone screen giving users a brief view of the message without interrupting gaming in any way, which gives a satisfying effect.


    HiOS 6.0 has a new ‘Privacy’ menu in the Settings app. While most of the options here are not new, it does consolidate all privacy-related settings in a single place, which is convenient. Here you can change what app is accessing your privacy, what permissions all your apps have, what alerts appear on your lock screen, and more.


    One of many people’s favourite changes in Android 10 is the ability to block applications from accessing your location when they are not running. On HiOS 6.0, users will be able to do this also. For example, if there’s an app you don’t particularly trust but have to use for one reason or another, you can prevent some of its ability to track you. This can be done from the previously-mentioned Privacy settings.


    HiOS 6.0 takes gesture-based system navigation a step further by removing (most) of the bottom navigation bar and introducing new full-screen gestures. You swipe up to go home, swipe up and hold to switch between apps, and swipe from the sides to go back. It takes some getting used to, but when you do, you will feel like a smooth operator getting around your phone.

    Of course, these are not the only HiOS 6.0 feature you will find in the new update. There are other exclusive HiOS features like the Game Data, Game Floating Window, Game Assistant, Gesture Call Picker, Lock screen Dual Clock and more Android 10 features like Digital Wellbeing, Smart Replies, Parental Controls, and Game Anti-Addition.

    How can one get HiOS 6.0 update?
    TECNO users will be able to take full advantage of the new HiOS 6.0 features on the following phones:
    Camon 15
    Camon 15 Air
    Camon 15 Premier
    Spark 5
    Spark 5 AirLooks like you have blocked notifications!

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