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    Parental control

    Your child may be completely hooked on your phone for long hours. But that isn’t completely safe and can have harmful effects.

    Owning a smartphone has become a new trend among children these days. In fact, it has become a necessity. Children want their own cellphones so they can search on the internet for their homework assignments, watch informative and funny videos, play games with their friends, use social media platforms, and stream online movies and TV shows.
    Children maybe take their parents’ phone to play games or watch videos but how you can protect them from the risks?

    It is a good idea to allow your children to keep use your cellphone but you need to make sure they stay away from all sorts of online dangers lurking on the internet. Some kids innocently stumble upon adult sites or violent content while using the internet on your phone. If you learn how to put parental controls on your phone, you can keep them safe online.
    One perfect reason to let your kids use your cell phone is to be practical, like encouraging them to communicate and learn new things.

    parents do not want their child to come across adult, abusive, spam sites or violent content on the internet. At the same time, they can’t even stop them using cellphones to access social media, YouTube, or play games, it is a tricky situation.

    Android 10: Everything you need to know!

    While it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to prevent their children from getting addicted to using a cell phone, we are going to tell you about a way to set parental controls on your phone to keep them away from harmful content. Let us know about it in detail.
    How to set parental controls on your phone to protect your kids?
    First, create a family link as below steps:

    1-Head to setting menu
    2-Scroll down a bit and tap Digital wellbeing &parental controls.
    3-Tap “set up parental control”.
    4-Tap “get family link”.
    5-Install family link from Google play store.
    6-After installing will ask you who will use the phone? Tap parent.
    7-After creating a family link to supervise the phone, create an account for your kid.
    8-Kid’s account should be linked with parent account; you need to enter your email.
    9-Tap connect to your children device.
    Second: manage the kid’s phone.
    1-Enter to kid’s account you created.

    Then you can head to setting and start to manage kid’s device.

    What you can manage?

    Screen time.
    App Activity.
    Monitor and track online activity.

    Parental controls allow you to further filter the videos and apps your child consumes. With the additional support that parental control provides, you can rest easy knowing that the content your child is consuming is being filtered in real-time, protecting them from unnecessary exposure to inappropriate content.
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