AI Gallery: Smart Photo Arrangement

Ai Gallery

AI Gallery: Smart Photo Arrangement what else do you need in a photo gallery?

Regardless of what we do, you will agree with me that the phone gallery is one of the most frequently used app on our mobile devices.

We go there to view that beautiful capture and documented videos. Either for memory purposes, upload on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp status or to share with friends how handsome/ beautiful we are. The best moments of life captured.

Before now, viewing pictures is done in the file manager. Where you have different non-arranged folders such as camera, download, flashare, Bluetooth and automatically given name for anywhere the picture is been sent through.

And you will agree that even when you get to find that beautiful pic of yours, enhancing it i.e editing is quiet tough on file manager. Hence, you will have to download 3rd party app like, Photoart, picmix to edit.

Now with Ai gallery, viewing photos is flexible with a swipe. Pictures are neatly arranged in different folders as capture or received. Memories call out is automatically created to show you the most viewed and recent photos.

Assuming, over the weekend you attended a party and took some beautiful pictures, now comes the moment where you will upload them on your WhatsApp status to get all the amazing compliments – I believe you won’t just proceed to upload them without having a photofantabulous touch. Give it Claredon, studio lighting, Brightness and contrast, and amazing skin tone. You will quickly want to do a little editing, what will you do, upload the photo into an editing an Android app App?

With XOS AI gallery you can easily do beautiful quick editing just by clicking the image. If you are still wondering how to do quick editing using AI gallery all you have to do is to click on the image, a pen tool will come up in the lower end of the image.

Click on the pen tool, more all other options will come up such as filters, edit, adjust, text watermark, frame, bokeh

Filter: The filter tool automatically change the image you want to Edit to different contrast views

Edit: Edit will allow you to have the option to crop or rotate the image to any angle of your choice

Adjust: Adjust gives the option to adjust brightness, contrast, colour, saturation, Highlight, Lowlight, and clarity.

The text gives you the option to be able to write on the image, and there are different text styles, fonts, colour, and typesetting.

Watermark gives you some beautiful stickers to make your editing beautiful

Frame: there are several frames you can always add to your photos to make them stand out and look more beautiful

And lastly the Bokeh effect you can add to your photo while editing.

And a lot more you can do with the AI gallery

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