2020 Wi-Fi Share: The Next Level of Internet Sharing

Tecno Wi-fi share

The new Wi-Fi share that features on TECNO phones including the Camon 15 series, The Spark 3 Pro and the Spark 5 Series is like something we have been seeing around for a while in all the smart devices around. Some people might even argue it that it is something they have been enjoying on their smart devices for years but is that really so?

When I first heard about the Wi-Fi Share, the picture that came to my mind was that of that new kid on the block with fancy clothes and nice Snickers but with nothing else to offer but after I really got to know about what the Wi-Fi share is really all about, it was instantly clear that this a new cool feature; fancy and genius.

It is very easy to confuse Wi-Fi share and Wi-Fi hotspot because it sounds like two similar names used for one thing but in actual fact, they are two different things. The function of Wi-Fi Hotspot is basically to share your phone’s mobile data to other devices so that they can access the internet but Wi-Fi share shares a phone’s Wi-Fi connection.

You still find it difficult to comprehend? Okay!

You have been enjoying your home Wi-Fi network which you subscribed for with your hard-earned cash all alone with so much joy and happiness until some of your friends came over to spend the weekend and they left leaving you wondering how they manage to run your data to the ground in just a few days. Well, they are planning to come over in a few week’s time and you don’t know what to do to take control of how much of your data they consume; Wi-Fi share is the answer to your questions. With Wi-Fi share capability, your device can be used as a wireless router or as a Wi-Fi extender, that is; you can use your device to tether their devices to your Wi-Fi network and this gives you the opportunity to monitor and control and check any undue usage of your home Wi-Fi network.

  • Go-to > SETTINGS
  • Tap on WI-Fl SHARE
  • Have other devices scan your QR code.

Also, there will be a time you find yourself needing to work on many devices at the same time but you are only afforded the chance to connect just one device, no qualms, you can just use your device to share the Wi-Fi connection to all the other devices you wish to use and do whatever you want to do using your device as a proxy and this is done in just 3 simple steps above on either your Camon 15 Series, TECNO Spark 3 Pro or your Spark 5 Series; Do I still need to remind you that this is one of the many cool features you can enjoy on your Tecno Camon 15 series, Spark 3 Pro and the Spark 5 Series. ? Get any of these devices in any of the TECNO outlets around you.

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