Optimizing Your WordPress Blog Post

If you are like me, I’m sure you usually have difficulties coming up with a suitable, click-worthy SEO friendly blog post.  and what if I told you optimizing your WordPress blog post is much easier than you imagined?

In this blog post, you will discover my blog post checklist on what to do before publishing a blog post.

What To Do Before Optimizing Your WordPress Blog Post

1. Do A Keyword Research or Topical Research
2. Write a persuasive post title that includes keywords.
3. Start the blog post with an interesting story or a question.
4. Divide text into smaller sections with sub-headings.
5. Deep link to previous relevant articles on my blog.
6. Add a relevant content upgrade.
7. Link out to relevant articles on authority blogs.
8. Compress and upload on-brand SEO-friendly images.
9. Add “alt text” to your images.
10. Add a featured image.
11. Make sure your post is SEO-friendly.
12. Proofread your article.
13. Make Sure All The Links Inside The Blog Post Open On A Different Tab

Do A Keyword or Topical Research:

I get blog post ideas from Google search/Autosuggest, Nairaland, and Buzzsumo. These sites help me check if people are currently searching for answers and whether other bloggers have written an article on the topic.

Write a persuasive post title that includes keywords:

This I do by doing a keyword search on Google. Then I scroll down the bottom of the page to see related search results for keywords that people are currently searching for.
I also make use of Hubspot Blog Topic Generator.

Start the blog post with an interesting story or a question:

I sometimes start with an interesting story that or a frustrating question that the reader can relate with. Then keep the reader hooked with a promise to get the solution if they keep on reading.

Divide text into smaller sections with sub-headings:

This is great for easy reading and SEO. So as to keep the reader hooked.

Deep link to previous relevant articles on my blog.

Add a question at the end of the blog post to encourage discussion:

This is my way of getting people excited to start a conversation with me on the topic. I use Disqus.

Add a relevant content upgrade:

This is usually a special offer or opt-in form with call-to-action at the end of the blog post.

Link out to relevant articles on authority blogs:

Because Google hates stingy bloggers. So you have to link out to other relevant articles on other people’s sites. It works for me.

Compress and upload on-brand SEO-friendly images:

To make the blog post click-worthy you should use canva to design your images. Then you can resize your images using compressor.io before uploading.

Add “alt text” to your WordPress post images:

Which will be used as your Pinterest pin description to make your post get more Pins.

Add a featured image:

This is necessary so that when you share your post to social media, it shows up in the open graph and makes it more friendly for users to click on it and want to visit your site.

Make sure your WordPress post is SEO-friendly.

  • Do a keyword research and insert the focus keywords in the right places on your blog post
  • Insert keyword in the URL
  • Wrap it in your Post Title
  • Add it in your blog post meta description
  • Add it in the first 100 words of your blog post.

Proofread your article:

Read it aloud and use Grammarly to correct the mistakes.

Make Sure The Links Open In A Different Tab:

This helps prevent the bounce rate of readers leaving your page from soaring. It’s important to set links to open in new tabs for retaining your readers.

Optimizing Your WordPress Blog Post Writing Tools:

  • Grammarly
  • Evernote
  • Yoast SEO
  • Compressor.io
  • Canva
  • Hubspot Blog Topic Generator
  • Google Related Searches
  • Disqus

See it’s not that hard to plan what topics to write and publish an SEO-Friendly blog post. Now the next time you sit down to write a winning blog post. it will take you half the time.

These tips were gotten from my BLOG POST PLANNING TEMPLATE & WORKSHEET

It contains actionable tips, scripts and templates that show you How To Write Blog Posts & Winning Headlines That Makes Your Readers Take Action.

More like a fill-in-the-blanks template for people who aren’t gifted with blog post writing.

Once you get this workbook, you will never worry about how to write blog posts that sell your brand, products or services.

And outrank your competitors on Google search.

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