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Submitting your press release is an easy process, simply complete the form below and our editorial team will look after the rest for you – Once your press release has been approved by a member of editorial, you will receive an email confirmation to the ‘Author Email’ address which you provided upon submitting your original press release.

We currently operate our press release submission service based around small donations. This helps us maintain the day-to-day running costs of the JacMedia website e.g. web hosting, staffing and advertising activities.

Note: We require a minimum donation of 0.15 BTC (or above) per press release submission; This will ensure your article is featured on the home page of for a minimum of 48hrs. The larger your donation, the longer your article is likely to stay on the home page. Your donation will also include a permanent listing within our press release section too, giving you full exposure to all our international readers around the world.

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